The Friday Five: Destination Marketing in a Small Town

This week's Friday Five is focused destination marketing. Destination marketing is used promote any place people may want to visit such as a town, city, region or country. The main goal is to attract more visitors to a certain location in hopes...

Tags: Case Studies, Economic Development, Marketing Tactics, Tourism Industry, Brand Awareness, Marketing Operations

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7 Content Marketing Tactics from 1904 Small Businesses Can Use Today

I’m a bit of a history nerd. There’s a pile of 5-inch books on my desk, and I can’t keep from talking about it whenever an opportunity arises. In fact, at social gatherings my wife has to nudge me because I don’t realize my audiences’ eyes have...

Tags: Marketing Tactics, Tourism Industry, Small Businesses, Brand Awareness, Marketing Content

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What's Our Community Brand?

Every business, non-profit organization, or local government is only as good as the community around them. By community I am not referring to its people (although yes, that is important); instead, I mean community in the context of a product, or...

Tags: Economic Development, Strategic Planning, Tourism Industry, Brand Awareness

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